About Us

We’ve all been there, standing in long lines at the grocery store, most often when there’s somewhere else you need to be. As a parent of young children, grocery shopping was always the most necessary evil. Fighting crowds and long lines with small children required an inner patience that often ran dry. After the shopping was done, and the kids had piled in the car, we’d order a pizza at home to be delivered while stocking the cupboards with our newly bought groceries.  Without any energy or motivation left to actually cook a meal, delivery was the only option. Why couldn’t groceries be delivered to my front door? When my children were sick, why wasn’t there anyone to bring soup or pain reliever? In an era of ever-changing technological advances, why should sick children be dragged to the store in order to benefit from the products that heal them? Or even more, when I’m sick, why should I have to go to the store?

Whether you are a parent or not, sick or well, grocery shopping is exhausting, time consuming, and not usually convenient. Online grocery shopping is the obvious solution. As it turns out, exhausted mothers are not the only people in need of an online grocery and delivery service. We’ve learned that there are a variety of needs to meet and have been able to accommodate all ages and types during our first year of service to the Oklahoma City Community.


In the Beginning

Our online grocery delivery service originated as Bear Cupboards Delivery, beginning in Oklahoma City in June of 2013. Since that time we have developed relationships with people all over the Oklahoma City metro area and have served a greater number of individuals every month since our very first order.

We love to provide the ability for parents outside of the state to feed their college kids with the click of a mouse. We have been able to provide choices to residents in retirement communities and nursing homes. We have accommodated busy parents, those without transportation, tenants on the twenty-second floor in the downtown area, or those in the rural outskirts. We realize that less time at the store means more time doing the things that you want to do.

Beginning in August of 2014, we decided to make the transformation to Click Shop Grocery. We are constantly improving our site and service and have learned that simpler is often more convenient. As we continue to grow and expand, we look forward to hearing from you in our innovative approach to grocery shopping.


Meet Our Team

Our team has 30+ years of combined customer service experience.

Jeremiah Reynalds is the president of Click Shop Grocery.  He is a business scholar, technically savvy, and has served in the customer service industry for 15+ years. Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, he is a father of three.

Shannon Pitt is the General Manager of Click Shop Grocery. She is also a business scholar with several years of customer service experience and has a background in accounting and bookkeeping. She has knack for relating to people and as a native to Oklahoma City, she provides knowledge to better serve each community within the metro.

Melody Reynalds is the chairmen of Click Shop Grocery. She is a scholar in the field of psychology with 15+ years of customer service experience. Originally from the Oklahoma City area, she is happily married and a mother of three.